If you want to contact any of these very happy past students, I'll put you in touch!

"I was ready to cut my wrists until I met the elephant" Thank you so much for all the help you have given me. Now that I know what I am doing I actually found at times last night and this morning I was enjoying the notes and legal research, almost like a puzzle in a sense. Now that you’ve shown me how to research, my most recent assignment scored a 6.


Jonathan Parsons - QUT Gardens Point - email me to verify at <masashige42@live.com>


After some assistance a student wrote...


After our last session I am pretty comfortable with doing legal research (I got a good mark for the assignment by the way), the main issue I have for this assignment is finding structure. As with most of my other class mates, I am having trouble with finding issues to discuss.

I was wondering if we could have a sit down and try and nut a plan for the assignment. Ie. Tentative headings that I could research and discuss, from intro to body to conclusion.

at the end of the year I got another email ...


Hi elephant,


So. Results came out tonight, and I thought I'd let you know I got a C for civil!!!! I'm so excited, I honestly thought I would fail. And the C is absolutely thanks to you! I wouldn't have had a hope at all if you hadn't helped me make sense of it all. I can't believe it, I really thought I's have to redo the subject. Thankfully civil is a hell I won't have to endure at a university level again!





My potted history...My name is Jon Yaakov Gorr.
I was born in 1959, went back to Law School in 1986, edited the Law Reform Review "In Dissent" at my law school, organised study groups and became a tutor for stiudents in the year below.... I managed to write a paper for the Law Reform Commission whilst an undergraduate, researched the use of comic books to teach low-literacy kids their legal rights under the supervision of Dr Cate Warner of the Australian Institute of Criminology, was articled to Tony Parsons (who then became Chair of Legal Aid Victoria) and when I started my own practice in 1991 built a very fast-growing debt collection firm, acting for two banks amongst many other clients.

I wrote the Motor Vehicle Collision do-it-yourself kit for Nunawading Legal Service in 1991, then the Debt Kit for St Kilda Legal Service and Legal Aid Victoria in 1993 - I started my Ph.D research in 1998, taught part of the Monash Civil Procedure course for three years between 1998 and 2000, taught law at TAFE and Adult Ed in 2002-3.
In the last 9 10 years, I haven written six DIY legal guides for the legal publisher R P Emery and Associates and three legal textbooks(including one on bankruptcy) published by Smokeball.I was the first lawyer in Victoria to get someone jailed under the Judgment Debt Recovery Act and the first lawyer in Australia in over 100 years to get anyone bankrupted without a judgment debt simply on the basis of their own admission. My Ph.D is also published by Smokeball.


I am demonstrably the most experienced law tutor in Australia or New Zealand.


When I'm not teaching or writing, I work in the family business - Australia's biggest specialty silk importer, Beautiful Silks, which I operate in partnership with my wife, Marion.



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