Everyone has things of which they are not overly proud and here's mine.
Whilst the subject of some unfavourable press when his former articled clerk complained about him, leading to his being deregistered in 2004, Dr Gorr has lived to see the former articled clerk Andre Vincent DiCioccio jailed for over 7 years for dishonesty charges and also bankrupted, his brother jailed for 5 years on similar charges and also bankrupted, his wife subject to a suspended prison sentence and his parents at risk of bankruptcy because of the actions of the former articled clerk. Dr Gorr himself has not been in the last 30 years been the subject of a criminal investigation other than for his awful driving record, has never been questioned by work cover, had a consumer complaint made against him in the consumer tribunal, or had a restitution or compensation order made against him by the Legal Professional Tribunal, or been successfully sued. He's never even had a legal bill challenged.
He is a member of the board of his synagogue where he serves with several practising lawyers and a Supreme Court judge. However because Dr Gorr has no wish to return to legal practice, he sees no reason to spend money appealing against his disqualification.
If what you read in the papers were true, you'd expect him to be in jail and the articled clerk to be free. Dr Gorr is a religious man and praises G-d that the truth is not only there to see but can be seen by visiting Port Phillip Prison every day until about March 2017. And that's only if Andre gets parole.